Friday, November 13, 2009

Strap On Phone Sex

I had a great call the other night, with an Amazing man! He loved having his ass fucked by a girl with a strap on. I love the strap on that I have. The dildo in it is Pink and that is my favorite color. I put on my strap on and had him bend over the bed in front of me. I got down on my knees behind him and spread his ass with my hands. My tongue slid nice and slow over his asshole as I licked and sucked it. I slowly started sliding my tongue deep into his ass as he moaned for me and started stroking his cock. I wanted to make sure I got it nice and wet with my tongue so that my fingers would slide inside easier. I started with 2 fingers which went inside easier then I had thought, so 3 were deep inside and he was rocking back and forth on my fingers. I decided I would give him a big surprise, so without warning, I shoved my whole hand deep inside of his ass. He didn't scream, but he was all over the bed when I did that. As I slowed down on fisting him, his ass became so wide that I knew it was time to what he had wanted. He layed down on his back on the bed and I had him put his legs straight up in the air so I could hold onto his ankles. I slowly eased the cock into his ass as I took one of my hands and started stroking his cock. I fucked him harder and harder, moving my hips so fast that the material on the strap on started sliding between my pussy lips and rubbing my clit. I needed to cum just as bad as he did. I fucked him as fast and as hard as I could and about the time I felt like I was going to cum, he squirted all over his chest. It was an Amazing call with an Amazing Guy. You know who you are and I want to say Thank You again! Who else is ready to be fuck by me?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

I love being Daddy's Little Girl. The he holds me and takes great care of me. When Mommy's away he loves to play with me. I have a shaved tight little pussy and perky tits that my Daddy cannot get enough of. I was very young when he started playing with me. I remember I had on a pretty Princess night gown and cute little pink panties with Cinderella on them. I was watching TV and Daddy was sitting on the couch. Every time I would turn around to talk to him, I noticed he was rubbing between his legs. I finally asked him what he was doing and he told me he was trying to keep something down that was very special to him because it kept popping up when he looked at me. He told me how pretty and cute I was in my Princess night gown and told me that he loved me. He asked me if I wanted to cum sit on his lap and watch the movie that was on with him. Of course I did because I do love my Daddy and anytime I can be close to him, I do. He held me so tight and kept running his fingers thru my soft blonde hair. Then he started rubbing my legs and he kept rubbing higher and higher until his hands were under my night gown. I remember feeling so safe my Daddy that I let him do what ever he want to me that night. That was not the last time either. Things only got better after that night with my Daddy. I know you want to hear what else happened with my Daddy and I. Maybe you want to be my Daddy and make me do things that little girls should not be doing when they are that age. What ever you want, I will give it to you. All you have to do is pick up the phone and ask for you Little Girl, Madison and I will be all yours. Are you ready to cum play with me Daddy? I will be in my bedroom waiting for you *Giggles* xoxoxo Madison xoxoxo

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Limits Phone Sex

Hey! I'm Madison and we all know I'm not new to the phone sex world! *wink* I'm naughty, a hotty with the body to tease and please with. A sexy little minx with a voice that will drive your cock crazy! Are you looking to get a little dirtier with a blondie like me? Don't be afraid to share your darker secrets with me... or your secret fantasies and desires. Share them! I am hard to shock... I just might shock you with some of mine. *wink* I'm going to use my body to tease you... tease you... tease you... until you can't take it anymore... what will we do then? Let's come up with a fun roleplay and take it somewhere super kinky. I can be your BAD girl or your GOOD girl. I'm good at being bad, but I also play the role of an uncorrupted sweetheart just as well... go ahead! Try and corrupt me! *giggles*

I'm ready for some night time phone sex! Call me! Anytime, actually! 1-888-31-HONEY ask for MADISON